Amazing! 9 Year Old Kid Draw Doodle Art on his father car

For everyone who has a car, it will definitely be taken care of neatly and best.

In fact, it will be 'protected' from any scratches and dirt, if possible the days of the car need to be washed.

However, it is different from Ahmad Farid Ashraf who let his daughter draw a 'doodle' on her car.

Through his sharing on Facebook, he uploaded some pictures showing the art of doodles on the back of his car.

Ahmad Farid said that his daughter, Ainnur Sofea, has been talented in painting since she was four years old.

His talent became more apparent when he reached the age of nine.

According to Ahmad Farid, Ainnur also used to draw doodles at the school where her mother works.

Not only that, his talent also got the attention of his school friends.

Ahmad Farid also said that he and his wife do not care what Ainnur wants to do in the future, whether they want to be a painter or have another career.

"I want him to be a useful person for religion and family, if he wants to continue with art, it's okay, if he just wants to have a hobby, whatever I support," he told SK.

Stepping into the comments section, many were amazed to see Ainnur's very creative talent.

Through the latest post, Ahmad Farid Ashraf also shared a doodle drawn by his son on the front of the car.

The doodle finished in 45 minutes looks very beautiful and meticulous.

Kongsikan artikel ini kepada kenalan anda supaya mereka juga tahu apa yang anda tahu!

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